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Remember that panthers were first a little soft kitten.

Today I feel the most fucking painful thing you could ever feel.

I’ve never felt like this, I’ve never cried like this, i’ve never felt this hopeless, It hurts, it hurts that I fucking love you, that I’d fucking die for you, and realising that you feel that same things, but about another person that is not me.

I feel like I don’t deserve any fucking good thing. I wonder, if there is a God, why doesn’t he or she or it tell me what did I do to deserve this, I guess if i am told what I did wrong, I will understand why I am being punished. What the fucking fuck did I fucking do so bad to be treated like this, to be this wasted. I don’t understand why you don’t want my love, that’s the purest thing I have, It’s true, It’s sempiternal, It’s the most valuable treasure I have, and I feel it for you, please, tell me why can’t I have at least one thing good.